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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Wallet

Q: What is Google Wallet?
A: Google Wallet is an Android App that turns your phone into a wallet. It is basically a revolutionary payment system that stores your credit card information and allows you to simply "tap" your phone to make a purchase or redeem offers.

Q: How does Google Wallet work?
A: Using a technology called NFC(Near Field Communication), Google Wallet establishes a connection
between two devices when they are in near range. NFC is a new wireless technology that allows two devices to "talk" to each other and exchange data.

Q: Can any two NFC devices make a connection?
A: Yes! In fact, NFC phones and other devices can even read off of "smart" tags embedded inside posters, newspaper, sticks, or any products. This technology opens up many new possibility, a few of which include:
1) Instant Pay and/or Instant Self Checkout: Pay for the item after you pick it off the shelf(no cashier needed).
2) No fliers and Coupon Hassles: Scan the discount to your phone .

Q: What about security?
A: Data exchange cannot be made until you put in your pin on the phone. The NFC chip is essentially off until it is activated using the PIN.

Q: Is Google Wallet free?
A: Yes! Google does not want your money but your data. They now have access to all the information about you and your spending habits/trends.

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